Ingeborg Tryggvasdotter

Yrke:  Jarlhustru i Aldeigjuborg, Ryssland
Född: omkring 945 Buskerud, Rengerike, Norge 1)
Död: före 1019 Västergötland, Sverige 1)

Familj med Ragnvald (Jarl) Ulfsson (948 - 1020)

Vigsel: omkring 1000 2)
Barn:  Ragnhed Ragnvaldsdotter (963 - 1002)

Yrke: Jarlhustru i Aldeigjuborg, Ryssland
Far: Tryggva OLOFSSON (920 - 963)

Född: omkring 945 Norge, Buskerud, Ringerike 1)
Död: före 1019 Västergötland, F 1)

Familj med Ragnvald (Jarl) ULFSSON (948 - 1040)
Vigsel: omkring 1000 2)
Barn: Ragnhed RAGNVALDSDOTTER (963 - 1002)

Syster till den norske Olav Tryggvasson som dog i slaget vid Svolder. (Källa: Focus 1996)

Messages were passing between King Olaf, Earl Ragnvald, and the earl's wife, Ingebjorg, the daughter of Trygve. She was very zealous about giving King Olaf of Norway every kind of help, and made it a matter of her deepest interest. For this there were two causes. She had a great friendship for King Olaf; and also she could never forget that the Swedish king had been one at the death of her brother, Olaf Trygvason; and also that he, on that account only, had any presence to rule over Norway. (Källa: Heimskringla, Olov Tryggvassons saga III)

Earl Ragnvald was there a long time, and was a celebrated man. His sons and Ingebjorg's were Earl Ulf and Earl Eilif. (Källa: Heimskringla, Olov 'den heliges' saga III)

1) Beräkning av Björn Espell, Frösön
2) Heimskringla, Olov Tryggvassons saga III

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1Björn Espell
2Heimskringla, Olav Tryggvassons saga III

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